General Information:  Water Treatment

Please remember that even the most effective water treatment program only reduces corrosion and does not eliminate it.  For example, the chip scale that develops on the section of your cooling tower piping that is drained for freeze protection is caused by corrosion, due to high moisture and oxygen levels.  Industry corrosion rates vary tremendously, depending on the chemistry provided, seasonal and environmental conditions, and maintenance provided by the operating staff to correct leaks, etc.  

Even the best water treatment programs in New York (and we believe ours is!) require a great deal of cooperation between the vendor and the client to achieve desirable results.  You should be aware that newer, high efficiency, machines are more critical than older machines and require extraordinary efforts to prevent early tube failure.  If you have any of these machines, consult with your Worldwide technician or engineer.

Some of the mainstays of our water treatment program include the following:

  • Two Biocides - we use two biocides in condenser water systems to reduce biofouling, pitting and the potential for disease.  Each is added once a week; using two products, rather than one, reduces the concern of building immunity to one product.  Just as you wouldn’t take penicillin all the time because it would become ineffective, the same is true with water treatment biocides.  Ask us about chlorine dioxide for Legionnaire’s Disease concerns.
  • Higher Quality Chemicals - we use higher levels of product.  It costs us more to do this, but it is why our customers have excellent results.  Wishful thinking or blind optimism will not get you there.  You will only see this by monitoring corrosion rates and reacting to events.  Obviously, a better program will reduce corrosion more than a lessor one. 
  • Industry Guidelines - we follow industry (ASHRAE, CTI, CDC, NYS, NYC, EPA, and AWT) guidelines to clean and sanitize open systems a minimum of twice a year.  Closed systems also have to be cleaned at least once every five years. Chemical cleaning allows for the removal of normal accumulations of dirt and corrosion products that hamper the efficiency of all chemical corrosion control programs.  It also reduces the possibility of illness for your staff and residents.
  • Quality Filtration - we provide the highest quality water filtration products to suit your needs.  Filtration is strongly recommended with most systems and is critical for the newer machines to allow them to have a normal useful lifetime.  The installation costs are easily recovered by the reduction of energy use, maintenance, and the increase in system longevity.
  • Corrosion Monitoring - as recognized corrosion experts, we strongly suggest several types of corrosion monitoring.  Ask us for more information.
  • Advice and Consultation - our experts advise you when boilers loose too much water from small leaks or excessive blowdown because that will bring in excess oxygen, which will pit the tubes.
  • Customer Service - our service technicians and service control staff will take the time to discuss what is going on with you and your staff.  This is the most important part of the program, which builds the cooperative effort that is essential for the program to be most effective.  Both vendor and operator must care about leaks and overflows that waste water and prevent proper treatment levels.

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